What is IMAP?

MAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and is one of the two most popular protocols for receiving email messages from the Internet, the other one being POP3. The main benefit of the IMAP protocol is that you can access your emails on more than one device because the content of your inbox will be …

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What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it handles your outgoing mail. This protocol allows applications to transmit email messages over the Internet. Your email client connects to your mail server via SMTP and sends the messages. To prevent spam from being sent via our mail servers, we require SMTP authentication. This means that you have …

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POP3 and SMTP – what are the differences?

Both POP3 and SMTP are protocols for handling your email over the Internet. The difference between them is that the SMTP protocol handles sending new emails, while POP3 takes care of receiving emails. For more information on that matter, take a look at our articles What is SMTP and What is POP3.

What is POP3?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol revision 3. It is used to fetch delivered email messages from your mail server. A distinctive POP3 feature is that it deletes the messages from the server after they are downloaded to your computer. This makes it impractical if you would like to access your email from more than …

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